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Total Hip Replacement

Following Hip Replacement surgery, the precautions outlined below should be followed for at least the next three months to reduce the risk of dislocation, unless you are otherwise advised:-


Precautions:- (Should be followed for at least six weeks after your operation)



Avoid sitting in a low chair. Always make sure your hip is higher than your knee. Sit with your weight taken equally through both buttocks. An armchair with a high firm seat is recommended.


DO NOT stand for long periods. Stand with your weight taken equally through both legs. DO NOT bend forward from the waist when standing without bending your knees or extending your operated leg out behind you.


DO NOT discard your walking aids (crutches, sticks, zimmer frame) until instructed by the physiotherapist. Gradually increase the amount of walking you do each day. You are advised to remove any rugs within your home and tape down any loose carpets.


The physiotherapist will demonstrate and assess you on the stairs before you go home. This will be completed using one bannister rail and one walking aid. When going UP each step - lead with the UNOPERATED leg. When going DO WN each step - lead with the OPERATED leg.


Make sure your bed is of an adequate height. Get in/out of bed on the same side as your operation. Sleep on your back. Do not cross your legs in bed. Try to keep your legs slightly apart. (Putting a pillow between your legs may help with this).


The Occupational Therapist will discuss with you the height of your toilet at home. If it is too low, or if you have difficulty getting on/off, you may be provided with a raised seat or scandia toilet frame.


The Occupational Therapist will discuss this with you. You are advised not to sit in the bath for at least three months following your operation. Have a 'stand up wash' at the sink for this period. To wash below the knees a long handled sponge may be used (These can be bought from your local chemist). You may stand in a walk-in shower.


You will be encouraged to dress yourself once you are allowed to sit out of bed. The Occupational therapist will show you how to get dressed whilst you are in hospital. (Please bring a set of clothes into hospital).


Sit whenever possible to do your housework. DO NOT over reach or twist. Re-arrange items in the kitchen so that they are not in low cupboards, but are at hand. Spread household chores over a period of time, so you do not become over-tired.


You are advised not to drive for at least six weeks following your operation. Please check at your post operative out patient clinic review when it is possible to resume driving.


Do not garden for at least three months. From six weeks after the operation normal activities/hobbies, (including a normal sex life), should be possible. However always avoid placing too much strain on the operated leg.

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