After Surgery

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Total Knee Replacement

Following the operation it is vital that you perform the exercises prescribed by the physiotherapist in order to build up your muscle strength and protect your new joint. These exercises will continue at home.


Precautions:- (Should be followed for at least six weeks after your operation)



DO NOT sit on any low chairs. If you are concerned about the height of your chair at home, consult the Occupational Therapist. Sit with your feet supported. If you get any swelling around the joint or your ankles then sit with your feet up on a stool.


Avoid standing for long periods of time. When standing ensure your weight is evenly distributed through your feet and your knees are straight.


Gradually increase the amount of walking you do each day. Remember to continue with your exercises as well.


The physiotherapist will demonstrate and assess you on the stairs before you go home. This will be completed using one banister rail and one walking aid. When going UP each step - lead with the UNOPERATED leg. When going DOWN each step - lead with the OPERATED leg.


Make sure your bed is of an adequate height to prevent strain on your new joint.


The Occupational Therapist will discuss with you the height of your toilet at home. If it is too low, or if you have difficulty getting on/off, you may be provided with a raised seat or scandia toilet frame.


The Occupational Therapist will discuss this with you. Initially a 'stand up wash' at the sink would be beneficial when you are at home.


You will be encouraged to dress yourself once you are sitting out of bed. (Please bring in a set of clothes with you). If you have any difficulties with dressing, please consult the Occupational Therapist.


You are advised not to drive for at least six weeks following your operation. Please check at your post operative out patient clinic review when it is possible to resume driving.

Housework and Gardening

Take activities gradually with periods of rest.

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